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For parents who want access to regular ad hoc childcare.

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You didn't become a mum to feel stuck.....

Stuck.. feeling like you can't go out for a drink with the girls or you can't go on that work trip because of childcare

Confused about what childcare you need.... Stressed because you don't know where to look for someone to look after the little ones as a one off every now and then or there crying in the back or your really important meeting. 

Do not panic your ad hoc childcare service is here....

I hear you....

If you work from home or run your own business and struggling to get to important meetings

You work flexibly so don't really want to pay for full day's of nursery.

Want all your family and friends to enjoy your wedding day without someone having to be outside walking the baby to sleep

You just want Mary Poppins to fly in so you can have a night off..


I was Mary Poppins who flew in (Okay I drove in) when parents needed me, I would stay overnight so parents could get a good nights sleep, I would pop in for a few hours so you could get on those important zoom calls. I would make sure you little one is in safe hands at all times! 

£25 Per Month

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£250 Per Annum

£12 Per Booking

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Once you are apart of the subscription service you get access too:

  • Flexi Nanny Care

  • School Pick-Ups/Drop-Offs

  • Transporting to/from Activities 

  • “Mother’s Helper”

  • Newborn, Multiples, Special Needs Care

  • 24/7 Emergency Care

  • Sick Child Care

  • Overnight Care

  • Evening Babysitting 

  • Travel Nannies 

  • Emergency Childcare

  • Client Consultation 

  • 24/7, 365 Days

  • Discounts On Hourly Rate


£25 Per Month

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£250 Get 2 Months Free