Why do I need a wedding nanny??

Updated: Feb 21

Basic answer is so you can relax and enjoy your big day!

Not only you but also your closest family and friends!

Understandably you want your own children to be with you on your big day! Why wouldn’t you and a wedding nanny is there to help that happen in a way you can all enjoy your big day.

Your wedding nanny will discuss your plans of your big day with you in advance and will get to know you and your family over a period of weeks before your big day so your mini VIPS are familiar with them.

Here is a general idea of a wedding nannies’ day!

Our wedding nannies will be on hand for as long as you wish, from helping to keep your mini VIPs entertained while yourself and your bridesmaid get dressed together, even helping to get your mini VIPs dressed so they look extra smart. Your wedding nanny will then sit at the back of your ceremony with activities on hand incase they get a little bit restless or will even take them for a walk if it is getting close to sleep time.

Once your ceremony is over “Your Married whoooooo CONGRUALTIONS”

Your nanny will keep a watchful eye on your mini VIP as they explore the wedding venue and mingle with the other guests. If grandma wants cuddles or to take them for a walk that is not a problem, but your wedding nanny will always be aware of where your child is and what they are up to. Throughout the meal, your wedding nanny will be required to sit next to your child to help feed and will again provide resources of entertainment and take them out for some fresh air if required. Once into the evening your wedding nanny will play, dance and ensure your child’s needs are met at all times and will even take your mini VIP up to bed if you are in a hotel and stay with them until your return.

As an experience childcare professional and a basic understanding of your child’s routine. Your nanny will be closely following their routine as weddings can be overstimulating for children causing them to become over excited and over stimulated causing cranky little people.

One of the main role of a wedding nanny is to ensure none of your closest family and friends miss out on those special moment, from watching the vows, listening to speeches and toasting to the bride and groom and of course mingling and dancing the night away with people they don’t see every day.#

By hiring one of our wedding nannies, you and your closest family can all enjoy your special day, knowing your little ones are also enjoying their day and being cared for by professionals.

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