What it takes to be an emergency nanny?

Updated: Feb 21

So, lets start with What is an Emergency Nanny?

Our emergency nannies are all over 21 and hold a relevant childcare qualification. They are mostly part time, experienced childcare providers who keep additional days free to be on hand for emergencies. An emergency Nanny can be booked any time within 48 hours’ notice.

An emergency nanny can be hired for several reasons from a family emergency, a last-minute important event or even to cover a regular nanny sickness. They can work on either a self employed or employed by Miss Rimmer’s Childcare Services.

The heart of Miss Rimmer’s Childcare is supporting anxiety in both parents and children so several requirements will be asked of the emergency nanny to help support the family’s anxiety around using an emergency nanny, such as making sure you call the nanny as soon as possible to introduce yourself and reassure the family that their child will be well looked after. An emergency Nanny to a family will be very daunting as they will be an unfamiliar person who they are needing to put their trust into.

So, can you be an emergency nanny?

Well if you are over 21, hold a childcare qualification, sign up to Miss Rimmer’s Childcare Services and are free any days throughout the week then yes you can! We have some emergency nannies who only work for us during school holidays, the choice is entirely up to you.


o, if you have experience in working with children whether based in an educational setting or as a nanny and you would like some additional hours outside of your current position, why not join Miss Rimmer’s Childcare today!

Alice x

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