The Dominican, Italy, Spain we can do it all….

Can you travel to the Dominican, Spain and Italy to Wedding Nanny??

This is a question I have been asked on several occasions and the answer is always yes of course we can!

Getting married abroad in the beautiful sunshine and exotic backdrop are so enticing! The beautiful beaches and of course the weather attract thousands of Brits every year to say their vows abroad.

Mostly with weddings abroad you are surrounded by a tight knit circle of close family and friends. This is where your wedding nanny becomes vital. As your family and friends do not want to miss out on those important moments of your big day!

More of what a Wedding Nanny does can be found on my previous blog; Why do I need a wedding nanny

A Wedding Nanny can assist you from the very beginning of your journey with assisting your family on your flight to give you some peace of mind and time to relax leading up to your big day!

You will arrange with your wedding nanny in advance of hours of work you may only want your nanny to assist your family on your big day, by keeping your mini VIPs entertained while you and your bridesmaids get ready, as no one wants to be running around after little people in the exotic heat while getting ready for the biggest day of your life!!

They may then assist you to your location where throughout the service they will be able to take your mini VIP for a walk or play in the sand if it’s a beach wedding so none of your closest family and friends are missing out if they become bored or tired. They will be there to lend a helping hand throughout your day right through until putting hem to bed at night so you can dance the night away!

Wedding Nannies abroad obviously come with a price as you will not only need to consider their hourly fee but also any travel and accommodation will need to be accounted for.

Alice x

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