Quarterly Update!

So, it’s been a busy few week’s actually; months at Miss Rimmer’s HQ during the beginning off lockdown. Things were so busy for my self before the pandemic hit that I had so many ideas and plans but not the time to put them into place.

Once we went into lockdown and I could not physically go out and do ad hoc nannying myself as I would have been in and out of various homes. This was my opportunity to turn my dreams into reality.

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed some changes to the website have happened as well as on social media. They will really be the only changes you noticed at the moment. Here is a list of changes that have happened or are going to happen in the near future


Additional services added

Prices changes

Courses available for parents and childcare providers…. Coming soon.

There has also been various changes to policies and procedures as well as other documentation.

If you have any questions regarding changes, please feel free to contact me at missrimmerschildcare@outlook.com.

Stay Safe, Alice x

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