How to entertain your mini VIPs during a lock down

Okay I know… so technically the UK isn’t in lockdown and hopefully it will not get to that stage but currently anything could happen.

The boring bit…. The risk has now been raised from low to moderate and the Prime Minister has confirmed he is not closing educational settings FOR NOW.. but who knows what will happen.


So just in case I have created my 6 ways to survive a lockdown with children!

1) BE PREPARED! Stock those cupboards.

· Hold a family bake off – Who will win the family bake off………

· Messy Play – Cereals, baked beans, frozen fruit, shaving foam – From little ones to bigger children they all love it when their allowed to get messy

· Make some slime or homemade playdough – Images in instructions

· Freeze some ice pops, why not add some fruit – Simple easy activity especially if the sun makes an appearance.

· Make your own pizzas – You will have to be prepared and buy your ingredient in advance

2) Go Outdoors, You may be stuck at home but if the little ones are well enough they can still play in the garden

· Do some gardening – Its Spring the perfect time to get out in the garden

· Chalk or water pictures on the floor – Find some chalk or use water and paint brushes to make marks on the floor

· Chalk a hop scotch – Well their not in school so develop their number and physical skills.

· Create an obstacle course – get some fresh air and exercise in one go

· Puddle Jumping – Go Peppa pig style

3) Get Creative - get a little or a crazy messy as you like!

· Create show box houses

· Make friendship bracelets for your return to school

· Painting with veg, lego/ dupo blocks, cutlery and best of all our fingers

· Stock up on activity books why not look on

· Go crazy and do some science experiments – Elephants toothpaste, Make a volcano

4) Lets go BIG…….

· Build an indoor den – use sheets, blankets draped over chairs, you could even have your lunch in there

· Teddy bears picnic – get everyone involved bring your fluffy friends to join in an indoor or outdoor picnic.

· Throw a lock down party – Bake a cake, find some balloons and some party snacks. Get your glad rags on and play some party games. If your feeling brave get the face paints and glitter out.

· Treasure Hunt – Make it simple to find as many cut out stars around the house or make it educational by providing clues to find the next object.

· Cover any hard flooring in paper and let them go mad. Gluing, coloring, sticking and even painting.

5) Family fun – well why not were all in the same boat.

· Bring out the board games – You can get a few hours out of this if they are engaged or why not….

· Invent your own family board game – or just change up an original by adding challenges to snakes and ladders ect

· Hold a family talent show – We all have hidden talents I’m sure.

· Pass the drawing – one member starts a picture, fold the paper and let the next family member add to it and keep going or Pass the story – Write a line of a story on a piece of paper, fold the paper for the next family member to write their line and keep going.

· Have a tea party – Get the posh cups and saucers out and go all out.

6) Finally, Get imaginative.

· Start a diary – Some colorful pens and a new notebook because well who doesn’t love colorful pens and a new notebook

· Write a story – A child’s imagination is a very beautiful thing

· Get the little ones to wash the car or do the housework – it’s still got to be done

· Make potions using petals and water outside – One of my favorite childhood activities

And my final final bit of advice for you parents on lock down – Stock up on prosecco!

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