Five tips for reading with your baby

Updated: Feb 21

It is never to early to start reading to your baby, Babies can recognize their mothers voice from being in the womb so you can even start that early.

1, As soon as your baby arrives is the perfect time to start reading, encouraging development of their hearing sounds from day one. As well the all-important cuddling and bonding time for new parents.

2, Read with expression, putting expressions into your voice teaches babies about emotions, supporting their social and emotional development.

3, Babies and toddlers learn from repetition, there are many great repetitive books out there and even reading the same books over again.

4, Make comments and ask questions, don’t be afraid to pause throughout the story to comment on the animals or characters, or to ask “Where is the doggy”

5, Touchy feely books, encourage babies to touch and feel the different sensory textures on each page. Usborne books have some fantastic books to support this such as the ‘That’s not my range’.

These are my five top tips for reading with your baby.

Alice x

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