Calming the anxiety around leaving your child for the first time

Updated: Feb 21

Here at Miss Rimmer’s Childcare we understand that leaving your child for the first time can be hard and its often harder for the parent than the child. There is no right or wrong time for when is best to leave your child with a babysitter for the first time. Everyone around you will have their own opinions on this but when you feel it is the right time will be best for you.

At Miss Rimmer’s childcare we aim to reassure you through every stage of the process. If the first time you need to leave them is for a lengthy time then we advise you to leave them before this just for a couple of hours so you are more at ease for when you need to leave them for a longer period of time.

One thing I have learnt throughout my time in childcare is that babies and toddlers are masters at pulling your heart strings which leaves you feeling unsettled and anxious and for the majority of the time your left feeling at lot worse than your child or the babysitter, as by the time your in your taxi they are cuddled up reading a book.

You will have a million questions running through your head, Will the babysitter look after them as good as me? Will they cuddle them if they cry? Will my baby take their milk? Any questions you have before, we encourage you to ask them, as many times as you would like, write a list of questions to ask your sitter as well as a quick summary of your child’s routine, habits and comforters for when they arrive and text them throughout your booking as much as you need.

All babysitters will meet you in advance of your booking to meet you and your family which is another opportunity to ask any questions and put those anxieties to bed, The babysitter will ALWAYS send you a quick message after you have gone to let you know how things are going. For older children we encourage that they get any questions and concerns of their chest to as it is a new experience for them.

Some Top Tips.

1, Have a list of questions prepared by all members of your family (including the little ones), ask these to your sitter or when booking and trust me ask as many as you want.

2, Create a safe space, this is always handy to have around the home at any time not just when a new person is being introduced. A space your child can go to have their own space and relax. When feeling overwhelmed.

3, Acknowledge and reassure your children, explain you understand why their feeling the way they feel and always tell them the truth.

4, Do a dummy run, have a practice night out for a few hours this can be done more than once leading to your big night out.

5, Write it down, writing your child’s routine, habits, comforts and emergency numbers are always handy for the babysitter to have.

6, Check in, your sitter will automatically text you to let you know how they are getting on, they will also inform you of any changes throughout the evening. We recommend if you are thinking about your children ring or text to see how they are getting on so you can get back to enjoying your evening.

So when YOU feel ready, we will be ready to help you find your perfect babysitter to help ease your anxieties.

Alice xx

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