Bringing the summer holiday camp to you!!

Updated: Feb 21

We understand that this summer is going to be slightly different to previous years! We also know that our current requirements may change over the coming weeks as we move forward.

Our Summer are on hand to bring the summer camp fun to your children. Helping you to attend work meetings, zoom meetings, answer some important work emails, or even help just help with the usual summer clubs drop off and picks ups. Our Summer Nannies are here to help!

Your Summer Nanny will expose your children to another world of culture, games, outings, and an abundance of FUN! Not only will your children experience lots of new things they will also meet a new friend for life! Your Summer Nanny will plan at least one fun activity each day from a trip to the zoo to building a den at home. Our Summer Nannies know exactly how to bring the fun, princesses to fortnight the know it all!

To enquire about our Summer Nannies please click the following link or email me at

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