Our Subscription Service

So you think you know what we do - Ad hoc childcare that's our bag but do you Reeeallly know what we do!

We have now LAUCNHED our brand new Subscription Service!! Where you get a lot more than just ad hoc childcare!

For £9.99 a month you get:

  • Zero booking fees on all ad hoc services

  • Access to our exclusive Manchester Business Directory

  • Access to discounts on days out, local independent shops, etc.

  • Discounts on our exclusive Manchester Childcare Store

  • Access to quick top tip video's on behavior, weaning, first aid, organisation etc.

  • Trusted, reliable childcare at your finger tips.

**Please note that the subscription fee does not cover Nanny Salaries

Our Services included in the zero booking fees:

  • Evening Babysitting

  • Event Nannies

  • Event Babysitters

  • Overnight Care

  • Proxy Parenting

  • Ad Hoc Day Nanny

Businesses Included In Our Directory

  • Private Tuition

  • Food And Drink

  • Eco Friendly Children Toys

  • Family Holiday's

  • Children's Boutique

  • Baby and Toddler Classes

  • Days Out including Voucher Codes

To join our subscription service please head over to our main page and create your account.

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