Babysitting Tips For Beginners

Updated: Feb 21

Your first babysitting job can sometimes be a little bit daunting for newbies. So here is some advice to help you on your new path to becoming a credited babysitter.

So here goes:

1,Communication from day one is sooooo important. If you don’t personally know the family then firstly you need to arrange to meet them from an hour before your sit so the parents and children can get to know you and vise vera a little bit first. During this initial meeting ensure they are aware of your hourly rate and how they are going to pay you.

2, Always send a text out on the day on your booking, just to confirm agreed times and explain you are looking forward to coming over to babysit this evening. You may already be aware of this but always double check parking as some places may be gated communities and need letting in other’s maybe in permit parking only areas.

3, So you may be babysitting for a few hours so make sure you are prepared, take water, snacks, reading materials, course work something to keep you entertained. My biggest lesion was to take my phone charger too! Also ensure someone you know is aware of where you are going and what time you should be back home. So now your prepared let’s go.

4, Try to arrive at the family home or venue approximately 5 – 10minutes early as sometime parents are rushing to get out the door but before then you need to acquire some information. Also you don’t want to be driving around trying to find somewhere to park and get up being late.

5, Once you have arrived, you will need to ensure you have all information required such as contact numbers, emergency numbers, check if they are expecting any calls, visitors or deliveries. Ask to be shown around the home so you are aware of where bathrooms, children’s bedroom, kitchen ect is.

6, Now you need to ask some questions:

What time do they need to go to bed?

Do they have any comforters?

Do they need milk?

How does the baby monitor work?

How do they have the lighting and are doors open or closed?

Do they have any allergies?

Are they allowed any snacks?

Do they have any restriction for screen time?

7, Once you have answers you may let them leave just make sure you know where a set of keys are incase you need to get out. When parents first leave just quickly risk assess the environment in your head, check for any wires hanging around, has mum left her straighteners out and even on. Check no alcoholic or hot drinks have been left in children’s reach.

8, Always text the parents around an hour after they have left just to give them peace of mind.

9, Finally enjoy your self to! If the children are up with you pop on a film, you will all enjoy. I know sometimes older children will disappear and you won’t see them until you ask them to go to bed and that’s okay if that’s what they want to do. Read books with younger one, or just crack on with your own stuff and be there if they need you.

10, Make sure you stick to the routine as much as possible this can be a bit tricky as children may be over excited or a little bit anxious but sticking to their regular routine will help calm anxieties and hopefully they will drift off to sleep.

Hope this was helpful to anyone thinking of taking the first step into the babysitting world. If you are qualified and have childcare experience and would like to join our team of trusted babysitters, then feel free to send me an email to

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