5 Reasons why every family should have a babysitter

Updated: Feb 21

"Behind every sane family is a superhero babysitter"

Here are you 5 reasons I believe every family should have a trusted, realiable babysitter.

1) "I don't need a babysitter, that's what Grandma is for!" Is something I hear more often than not. But Grandma has a life too and may not always be available. Especially on that specific evening all your girls are available. Every family should have a back up, we should always rely on family and friends. And well lets be honest Grandma may be okay with one or maybe even two but throw a third child into the mix and all ell can break loose.

2) Any day, Any time, FREEDOM. Freedom of being able to have additional childcare at the click of your fingers outside of the traditional educational setting hours is a blessing! so why not take advantage of it. Got to be in more than one place a time because of the children, work, or appointments. A babysitter is flexible and reliable as and when you need them.

3) SAFTEY first - Grandma might be fantastic with the children but would she know how to handle an emergency situation requiring first aid treatment?? Babysitters are first aid trained so are always prepared for those just incase moments. (But if Grandma does want to learn sign up to our newsletter for regular first aid courses)

4) Everyone's CONFIDENCE - Having someone vetted for you and you can meet them before you leave them with your pride and joy for the first time. Helps to build your confidence and helps you to start enjoying letting your hair down and have some fun, We all need some social adult only time. It is also beneficial for your little one to spend time away from you, learning new skills, characteristics from their babysitter.

5) and Finally, SANITY!!! Every parent needs and deserves a break, Parents spend their lives caring and nurturing their children but often put them selves second often neglecting themselves. Let your hair down, Go to the gym, meet a friend for a child free shopping day!! Look after yourself knowing your little ones are in safe hands soundly asleep or having fun with their babysitter.

Do you know someone who needs some #metime and start rebuilding their confidence after having a baby or babies. Like and share this post and go book your self one of our trusted babysitters.

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