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Vetting and DBS Checks

Here at The Manchester Childcare Company we understand the importance of safeguarding and placing the right nanny with the right family. This is why we have created our own Nanny Vetting procedure which is rigorous and extensive.

We put your children's safety, well-being and happiness at the front of everything we do. This is why we thoroughly check all applicants that register with us to build a reputable personal profile for each candidate. We do this to ensure our nannies meet your individual requirements, family values and ethics. All applicants will go through this thorough check which is included in your fee.


Step 1 - CV/ Application Review

We get a lot of applicants each week, which makes our office extremely busy. With CVs and application forms coming in 24/7. We check every application individually and provide feedback. If they meet our first criteria of experience and qualifications we will proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Phone Screen

 We interview nannies on a daily basis and have become pretty good at interviewing them. During this informal chat we collect lots of formal information for cross referencing at a later stage. We discuss why they are a nanny and what makes them passionate about being a nanny. When a nanny completes this stage they will be asked to complete our personal Application Form in preparation for their interview. 

Step 3 - Professional Interview

This is the second stage in our interview process, this process is mostly done face to face but has moved online throughout COVID 19. The interview will take around 30 - 45minutes to complete, this allows us to ask some in depth questions relating the their CV, test their knowledge through question and answers and scenario situations. Once we have cross checked all paperwork and have learnt more about the candidate and their personality, the candidate will be informed if they move on to step 4.

Step 4 - Advanced Reference Checks 

We get in touch with at least 3 previous employers or other relevant referees. We believe that is extremely important to learn as much information on each candidate as possible. We aim to have an in depth chat plus emails to collect as much information as possible. We document each reference with as much detail as possible and provide you with an extensive reference pack for each nanny we shortlist for you. 

Step 5 - Communication Skills 

From the very beginning in step 1 we are observing every piece of communication we have with each candidate, from the initial CV, Phone calls and emails we are monitoring their language and grammar skills. 

Step 6 - Vehicle and DVLA Evaluation 

As part of our suitability check we ensure any nannies required to drive for a potential position must have a driving license check done through the DVLA, this is documented and added to the candidates file. When a nanny is required to use their own car we obtain information on their business car insurance, vehicle checks with the DVLA including valid tax and MOT.

Step 7 - Reliability Review

Right from booking their first phone screen interview and completing necessary paperwork we monitor candidates punctuality a professional nanny will give their career the respect it deserves through reliability and punctuality. We discuss this with previous employees through the reference checks step.

Step 8 - Enhanced DBS and Update Service

Every nanny should have a fully enhanced Disclosure Baring Service Check (DBS), We ensure each nanny is on the update service with a valid DBS.

Step 9 - Eligibility to work

We ask for two forms of Identification documentation which are required to be the original copies to check they are eligible to work within the UK. We verify candidates current address, and validate the candidates DOB. All information is in line with the DBS check and is held securely on our system in line with Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Step 10 - Candidate Personal Profile

Once a candidate reaches this point in our process, a personal profile pack is put together to be sent out to potential families.