Corporate Childcare Services 

The balance between work and family is a growing challenge for today’s parents. That’s why more and more businesses are offering employer-sponsored corporate child care services like our emergency back-up & ill child care. The Manchester Childcare Company partners with companies and organizations to provide our high-quality services as an employee benefit. When kids can’t attend school or daycare due to illness or closures, parents are often left scrambling to find child care and when they can’t, are forced to miss work as a result. A partnership with us can save your business thousands of pounds that are currently being lost to employee turnover and absenteeism costs. Our corporate child care services are trusted by numerous small businesses and large companies and is the perfect back-up child care solution for your employees. This benefit will make them less stressed, more productive and more engaged. Plus, they will see you as the hero when their  crisis moments are quickly averted with a simple phone call to our agency.  

£99 Get 3 Months Free


Of parents say better childcare support would make them more productive.


Of unscheduled time-off is due to family health reasons which could be avoided 


Of parents say childcare support would make them more loyal to their employer.

£2 - £12 Billions

The cost of employee absences for employers, working parents miss 5 - 29 days per year caring for children when they are ill.